Starr’s Sister offers a wide assortment of retail products for hair, body, and skin care from companies large and small. All of our products are recommended by our staff, who use them daily. While our selection of products changes over time in order to offer the most current trends and innovations, below are a few companies we’ve come to trust.



AVEDA   hair, body and skin care

Starr's Sister offers a wide variety of Aveda hair, body and skin care products.


KEVIN MURPHY   Australian hair care

Sulphate and paraben-free, antioxidant rich, and biodegradable, these Austrailian hair care products don't simply coat your hair - they infuse, regenerate, moisturize, and strengthen your hair on a cellular level.


AG   hair care

AG is only available through licensed, professional salons. The ingredients used in professional salon products are generally better quality and are more concentrated than drugstore offerings. This means the effect on your hair is better and the results will be longer lasting. AG shampoos for instance are not thickened with sodium chloride, common table salt, which dries the hair and scalp (AG products are naturally thicker because we use less water).


DEVA  hair care

Deva took the Poo out of shampoo making it possible to cleanse and hydrate without the use of the harsh detergents that are found in conventional shampoos. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or chemically processed, there is a Deva hair care product that is right for you!

Choose from DevaCare, DevaCurl or DevaColor (blonde, brown or red), and let your hair enjoy the benefits of botanically infused and sulfate-free technology.

We carry limited quantities of DevaCurl products. Please feel free to call ahead and place an order...we order weekly!